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WBGF Club World Championship 2022 in Neum/11th-16th of October 2022

After six days of competition, the World Club Backgammon Championship, held for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina, ended in Neum. More than 60 players from 20 countries of the world were contesting, and it is not unimportant to mention that players from South Africa, Australia, and Macao also performed.

In the end, the team from Tromsø, Norway, whose colors were defended by André Larsen, Geir Pedersen, Jon Kristian Røyset, was the best. In the final match, the Norwegians beat the home team Neretva (Almir Vajzović, Draženko Vučina, Emir Begić, with a total score of 2:1. Previously, in the semifinals, Tromsø was also better than the team from Mostar 2:1 (Alem Zajmović, Merzuk Jugo, Ramiz Zajmović). , while Neretva quickly eliminated the Game Changers from Austria 3:0. In the end, the Mostar team was left without a medal in this event, after a great fight in the match for third place. Sarajevo's Emir Begić, also a member of the Neretva team, was declared the best player of the world club championship. Emir had the highest number of victories.

In addition to the world championship, 9 more tournaments were played during the six days of competition in Neum. The Open Masters' tournament went to the phenomenal Bernhard Mayr (Austria), ahead of Murat Murat from Greece. On the other side, the Last Chance of this tournament went to Swede Konrad Fröschl, who was more successful than another Swede, Omid Badiei. Merzuk Jugo also reached the semi-finals of the Masters' tournament.

In the framework of the Open Intermediate tournament, we had the dominance of players from Mostar. In this tournament, in the final, we had a clash between two players from Mostar, a duel between youth Benjamin Čamo and experienced Mladen Čizmić, which in the end went to the side of young Čamo. When it comes to the Intermediate tournament, Last Chance, Zoran Kožul was the first in the end, ahead of Emir Zalihić. Two Super jackpot tournaments were also played in the form of cup competitions. One went to Amel Boskail, the other to another Swede, Jamshid Arani. Boskailo defeated Konrad Frösch, Arani Vučina for the title. Vučina and Boškailo once again confirmed their excellent form at this tournament in Speedgammon. Boškailo ended up with two gold medals, while the second Speedgammon went to Vučina. On his way to the gold, Draženko Vučina first took care of Royset in the semi-finals, and then in the final of the Austrian Sauseng.

Doubles tournaments and DMP (at 1 point) were also played. The doubles tournament was won by the French team led by the excellent Minh Nguyen, while the second DMP tournament in a competition of 128 players went to Vučina. At this tournament in Neum, the very elite of the backgammon world contested. In addition to the mentioned Norwegian Jon Kristin Royset (former world champion, current world champion in pairs), there was French champion Alain Babillon, multiple Belgian champions Michel Lamote, Reinhold Drugowitsch (Austria) current European intermediate champion, Andreas Sauseng current European champion in doubles, the second Austrian player, Andrea Riebler, third in the ranking of Austria, one of the best players in the world, Pia Jeppesen (Denmark), and Bernhard Mayr, president of the WBGF (World Backgammon Federation).
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