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11h of October 2022
11:00h WBGF World Clubs Championship WCLC Registrations
13:00h WCLC Group Stage 1st Round
15:30h WCLC Group Stage 2nd Round
18:00h WCLC Group Stage 3rd Round
19:30h Dinner Break
21:30h WCLC Group Stage 4th Round
12th of October 2022
All day: Main flight registrations
13:00h WCLC Group Stage 5th Round
15:30h WCLC Group Stage Playoffs (if needed)& last 16 Round
18:00h WCLC Quarterfinal
19:30h Dinner Break
21:30 WCLC Semi Final
13th of October 2022
13:00h Main flight registrations, Mini Jackpots, DMP Challenge & Speedgammon
14:00h WCLC Grand Finals
18:00h Welcome Cocktail
19:00h Closing of Main Flight, Registrations & Dinner break
20:30h Public draw & Start of Main Flights (Masters & Intermediates)
14th of October 2022
13:00h Start of second Chance Bracket matches, all activities resume
19:00h Dinner break
20:30h Gameplay resumes
22:00h Public draw & Start of Doubles Consultation
15th of October 2022
13:00h All activities resume
17:00h Public Draw & Start of Super Jackpots(200&500)
19:00h Dinner break
20:30h Gameplay resumes
16h of October 2022
12:00h Start of Last Chance Bracket Matches, all activities resume
15:00h Start of Main Finals
16:00h Closing of Mini Jackpots
19:30h Awarding Ceremony
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