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WBGF Club World Championship 2022 in Neum

Main tournament - WBGF Club World Championship will be played 9 rounds triple elimination format - matches to 9 points. After these preliminary rounds best 8 play single elimination - 11 point matches!

Players should be registered as 3-person teams from the same Backgammon Club, same city/district, or the same tournament series.

Speed Gammon Tournament will be played in double elimination (matches to 5 points) format.
Consultation Championship Tournament will be played in a swiss double-elimination format (9 points matches).
Superjackpot will be played as single elimination (matches to 11 points).

Categories:  Entry fees (€)   Registration fees (€)
Club 240   60
Double 160   40
Speed 40   10
Superjackpot 200   20
Open Main 240   60
Open Intermediate 120   30

Shuttle transportation from Dubrovnik Airport to Neum will be organized.

Hotel prices for single and double rooms will be stated on the Accommodation page.
Each registered Team must be from the same Backgammon club (or at least from the same region if there is no registered club in the city).
All the information stated can also be downloaded in form of the flyer.
Just click on the link Tournament Flyer

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